How to Get Your LinkedIn Page Ready for Business

How To Get Your LinkedIn Business Page Ready For Business

When your business is B2B, the social network you can’t overlook is LinkedIn. While most people use LinkedIn to build personal brands and personal connections, LinkedIn business pages are growing in popularity for businesses wanting to diversify their social reach, especially if other channels like Facebook and Instagram don’t suit their market.

What is a LinkedIn Business Page?

Some of my favourite LinkedIn Pages which really show off what can be done here include Google, Xero and KeepCup. You can also check out my amazing LinkedIn Page here too (and give it a follow while you’re there! ;)

Why would I set up LinkedIn Business Page?

For small businesses, it can make you look a bit bigger than an freelancer or solopreneur, and, having a business page allows you to run ads on LinkedIn from your brand.

It’s not enough just to create a LinkedIn Business Page and leave it idle — there is also a lot you can do to jazz up your LinkedIn Business Page so it’s ready for visitors.

Let’s do this!

Checklist for setting up a LinkedIn Business Page

Profile Picture

Cover Image

About Us

Don’t forget to load this section full of keywords you want Google to love you for — whether it’s your industry or location.

Don’t forget to fill in all the nooks and crannies like products and services. It will all helps Google send a little love your way.

Content creation

When you’re creating images, it’s not a great look to cross-post straight from Facebook or Instagram, as those big square images won’t look great. LinkedIn Images look awesome at 1200 w x 627 h.

Here’s an image posted to LinkedIn that is cropped unless you click on it (which looks a bit awkward on web):

Don’t forget that if you’ve got a special post you’d like to get more people to pay attention to you, you can also pin important posts to the top of your LinkedIn Page.

Most social media scheduling tools these days, like Hootsuite, allow you to schedule content to a LinkedIn Business Page. When you’re posting your content, keep in mind when LinkedIn users are online. While overall, social media has a huge peak in the evening during “primetime” and first thing when people wake up, LinkedIn is a little different as it’s such a business focus. This means there are plenty of peaks during the day, around 10–11am and 3pm — 4pm.

Custom URL

Spin Off Pages

Canva has done this with a ‘Life’ tab on their LinkedIn Business page. :

If you’re really want to get hands-on, some companies also set up Groups about their products or services, to set themselves apart as a thought leader or engage their community for feedback. See how Microsoft has done this for Microsoft Office here.

Get the word out

As a rule with LinkedIn, I’d always encourage businesses to make the most of their staff. It’s likely your staff are already in the networks with the people you’d like to spread your message to. While LinkedIn Business Pages often have few followers from the outset, if you staff share your business page posts, the reach will be much great. Consider how you will inspire or incentivize your staff to share your Business Page content to their LinkedIn profiles.

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And, if your staff update ‘Where they work” to ensure your business page is tagged, there’s another level of visibility and authenticity you’ve got, too.

Ready to make a sweet LinkedIn Page? Get in on it!

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