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One of the most time-consuming aspects of social media marketing is creating content. There’s no wonder that busy business owners and marketers look to outsource this: having to come up with new ideas to reflect your business day-in and day-out can be exhausting especially if you’ve been tapping that creative energy to solve other business challenges.

We all know that social media marketing is an industry with a low barrier to entry: often, teenagers are versed in the technical aspect of posting content as much as a seasoned professional. But experience in writing in a tone of voice, writing content…

One of the biggest mistakes I see businesses make when it comes to their social media is thinking that they don’t need a strategy.

Often, this is actually due to the fact that a lot of people aren’t aware that social media can be strategic. Choosing what to post on platforms, which tactics to use, what channels to post on at all should all be part of connecting everything you do on social to your wider business goal.

The ease of posting to social media channels means people often begin posting before they have a plan — and they never…

Social media is a constantly changing industry. Not only does the technology change with the rise of new platforms and features, but culture changes over time too (I’m looking at you, hashtags).

It’s always valuable to check out the latest research on how people use social media, because that changes from year to year. Something that worked a few months ago might not be the best approach anymore.

One of my favourite reports is the Yellow Social Media Report. It’s just released a new report in 2020.

When we think about goals with social media marketing, often we think about a couple of very specific metrics: followers, reach, traffic, sales. And while these are all useful metrics for many businesses, some businesses aren’t looking to work on those areas of their business.

Today, I’m going to share a couple of other things social media can help your business with, which you might not be aware of and how your social media can help address them.

Let’s crack on.

Employee Engagement

The latest trend in HR is “employee engagement”, or, as I like to think of it “are my staff…

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’ve got a social media post to write, but you’re coming up blank. The more you think about it, the more pressure you feel under, the fewer ideas you have. “Haven’t I written about everything ever?!” you lament. Yep, I’ve totally been there.

But, to be honest, it doesn’t happen so much any more because now I have quite a few different routines built into my day to help inspire creativity.

Creativity is something I’ve been deeply interested in for a few years. I’ve always worked in creative roles, but a few years ago…

I’m a big fan of the three R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle. I believe that we don’t just we don’t just need to do this with the objects in our life, but we can do it with our digital creations, too. I’m a big fan of reusing content, especially when time is short.

Whether you’re on a deadline and you’ve got to produce a month of content in an hour, you’re going on holiday, or it’s Christmas and you need to prepare for six weeks of content over the break, I think there are better ways to prepare for this time…

Advertising on Linked In is easily double the price of running ads on Facebook… and enough for any lady to feel a little faint and break out the smelling salts. It’s easy to be intimidated by the high costs and think “is it really worth it?”.

We often focus on our own content marketing efforts, but another effective way to build your brand online is through being mentioned on other people’s websites and blogs. But that doesn’t happen on its own: it’s through blogger outreach or collaborations. This is where you get in touch with a blogger who you think you like to write about you and send them your pitch.

The reality is that blogger outreach can be one of the tricker and time consuming digital tactics because a) it really is a 1:1 approach when talking to the blogger, and b) if you’re writing…

An effective social media content strategy usually have multiple kinds of content, combining together to tell a rich brand story. This often balances high-quality pre-planned content and content from other websites, like breaking news or opinions. Creating pre-planned content is usually based on reflecting a brand’s values in specific content pillars, or creating content to assist an audience down a customer journey.

But how do you find content from other websites which is relevant for your brand, especially if you’ve got a niche business? It can take a long time to find the right content for your social channels. …

How To Get Your LinkedIn Business Page Ready For Business

When your business is B2B, the social network you can’t overlook is LinkedIn. While most people use LinkedIn to build personal brands and personal connections, LinkedIn business pages are growing in popularity for businesses wanting to diversify their social reach, especially if other channels like Facebook and Instagram don’t suit their market.

What is a LinkedIn Business Page?

Most of us are used to seeing LinkedIn personal pages, but there are actually pages on LinkedIn for businesses, too, in the same way that a business can set up a Facebook Page. Pages on LinkedIn often have a far more business-related content — sure, you might talk…


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